Manufacturer: Gabbioneta
Made In: Italy
Product Code: 10011

We supply a range of vertical and horizontal pumps including centrifugal, axial flow, vertical cantilever, submersible and positive displacement pumps to suit variety of applications.

Types of Centrifugal Pumps and Their Applications

Centrifugal pumps are one of the most popular pumping solutions in the world due to their highly efficient and simple design, smooth flow, ease of operation and maintenance. Centrifugal pumps use one or more impellers that rotate synchronically with the pump shaft to increase the fluid’s pressure head and move it. Used in a range of industrial and marine applications, centrifugal pumps are suitable for pumping clean, low viscosity fluids such as water, fuel, oils and chemicals. This pumping solution is typically used for applications such as transferring general water supply, seawater transfer, boiler feed, water circulation and within chemical manufacturing. However, there are different types of centrifugal pumps, and each of them is best suited for specific applications. But what exactly are the differences, and when do you choose which? This article will cover just that and help you select the right centrifugal pump for your application.

  • Between bearings centrifugal pump

between bearings centrifugal pump uses one or several impellers installed on a shaft that is suspended at both ends between two bearings.

  • Over hung pumps

An overhung centrifugal pump uses one impeller installed on a shaft that is suspended at one end by bearings. Between bearing centrifugal pumps are favored over overhung centrifugal pumps whenever higher flow rates, higher pressures, and heavier loading of the pump will occur.

  • vertical pumps

Vertical turbine pumps, also known as vertical pumps or line shaft pumps, are centrifugal pumps commonly used to transport water from deep underground pits or wells. They consist of a motor, discharge head, one or more pipe columns, line shaft, pump shaft, multiple bowls, impellers, and a suction bell. 

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