For the vast range of Oil & Gas, Industrial Gases and Energy markets machinery, we have delivered many compression trains, to serve also the process industry. In many cases they are still running for the production of hydrocarbon derivate, industrial gases, polymers and energy.

Nowadays, by means of strategic synergies and the contribution of experienced engineers and partners, we offer a broad, portfolio of rotating equipment and services.

Performances, reliability, flexibility are our targets in each project, from the initial design, to the operation, to the whole lifecycle. End-users of the Up-Mid-Downstream, power and industrial markets can access to the European quality mixed with high local capability, flexibility and reliability, working with responsive engineering team from the early stage of a project to the whole lifecycle of their compression facilities as following:

  1. Air/Process Gas Compressor (API 617, API 672)
  2. Reciprocating Gas Compressor (API 618)
  3. Oil Free/Oil Injected Screw Gas Compressor (API 619)

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