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As specifi ed by Annex 14 of ICAO regulations, Low Intensity Obstruction Light can be used to warn
the presence of obstacles up to 45m height, such as telecommunication towers, wind turbines,
chimneys, cranes, buildings and other structures.
This beacon is the simplest device according to ICAO standards. It provides steady burning red light
with two types of intensity: ≥10cd for Type A, ≥32cd for Type B and ≥32cd for Type E (fl ashing red

Model l810 lxs one low intensity series
Manufacturer Combustion & Energy
Made In ItalyItaly
Product Code 10001
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Section Tilte 1
OPTICAL FEATURES • Based on LED technology
• RED steady burning light
• >10 cd LXS-ONE Type A
• >32 cd LXS-ONE Type B
• Peak intensity: @5°
• Horizontal beam radiation 360°
• Vertical beam spread >10°
• PMMA lens
GENERAL OPTIONS • Beacon support bracket
MECHANICAL FEATURES • Anodised aluminium body
• Silicone gasket
• Degree of protection: IP66
• Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
• Storage temperature: -20°C to +85°C
• Dimensions (Øxh): 68x60mm
• Lamp unit weight: 260gr
APPLY TO • Airport – Stack – High Building – Chimney –
Tower crane
• Pipe line – Bridge – Radio and television tower
• Transmission line – Wind turbine – Wind mast
• Radar – Antenna
ELECTRICAL FEATURES • Nominal input voltage: 9 – 60 VDC
• Power consumption: 0,4W (Type A)
• Power consumption: 2,0W (Type B)
• LED feeded at costant current
COMPLIANCE • ICAO Aerodromes -Annex 14 Volume 1,
Chapter 6: Low intensity, Type A-B steady
burning obstacle light
• FAA AC150/5345-43F E.B. #67 type L-810

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