Pressure Safety Valve

We provide a comprehensive range of Sarasin- RSBD ® Pressure Relief Valves for use throughout the oil, gas, power generation, chemical and petrochemical industries. The extensive range of products is available for all industrial applications where essential protection is needed against situations of over pressurization. Sarasin-RSBD ® products are recognized globally for their high quality,innovative […]

Anti-Surge Valves

Anti-Surge Valves

An anti surge valve, also known as a surge-anticipating valve, is a type of control valve (surge relief valve) used in fluid systems to prevent overpressure and pressure surges that can damage equipment or cause system failure. Understanding Surge and Anti-Surge Surge is an unstable flow condition that can occur in compressors and pipelines when the […]

Angle Valve

Angle Valves plays a very important role in the automatic control of installations which depend on the distribution and the correct amount of liquids or gases flow control.


The Bellino S.r.l. steam BPD probe desuperheater is used in desuperheater applications where small or medium spray water flows are required for cooling the steam. The BPD is mounted into the steam line with one or two water atomizing SP-nozzles. The nozzles are connected to a common spray water pipe. A liner can be installed […]