Anti-Surge Valves

Anti-Surge Valves

An anti surge valve, also known as a surge-anticipating valve, is a type of control valve (surge relief valve) used in fluid systems to prevent overpressure and pressure surges that can damage equipment or cause system failure. Understanding Surge and Anti-Surge Surge is an unstable flow condition that can occur in compressors and pipelines when the […]

Check Valves

A check valve, non-return valve, reflux valve, retention valve, foot valve, or one-way valve is a valve that normally allows fluid (liquid or gas) to flow through it in only one direction. Bellino srl Check valves: LOW PRESSURE SWING CHECK VALVE SCLP Swing Type Disc, Bolted Cover, Welded-in or Threaded Seat Ring SCHP Swing Type […]

Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)

An automatic protection system which will act to shut down the plant if it enters a potentially dangerous state. In some countries this is called a Safety Instrumented System (SIS). A critical condition for which immediate shutdown of the gas turbine and compressor is required and delayed shutdown options are not acceptable because of the danger posed to […]

Burner Management System (BMS)

A Burner Management System or BMS is a safety system used to assure safe start-up, operation and shut down of process burners. The BMS can be used in industries like Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Chemical or any other process that uses an industrial burner, furnaces, boilers or other equipment that uses a flame. The system can […]

Distributed Control System(DCS)

is a computerized control system for a process or plant, in which autonomous controllers are distributed throughout the system, but there is central operator supervisory control. This is in contrast to non-distributed control systems that use centralized controllers; either discrete controllers located at a central control room or within a central computer. The DCS concept […]

Fully Welded

In fully welded ball valves body and closures are welded together; the result is a solid assembly with no leakage paths. A fully welded application is a preferable solution when no maintenance is scheduled on valves and when it is mandatory to avoid any external leakage. A typical application is for underground service or subsea. […]


In floating ball valves design the ball is supported by the seats. Under pressure, the ball is pushed against the seat. The range of Della Foglia floating ball valves includes side or top entry, bolted body or threaded body. Materials of construction are carbon steel, stainless steel or any exotic alloy.

Trunnion Top Entry

The Top Entry ball valve design is characterized by one-piece body construction with top access to all internal components. Top Entry Ball Valves are the preferable solution when it is required to perform in line maintenance and when the reduction of possible leakage path is mandatory. The body can be manufactured from forged billet or […]