The PG-PL is a pressure compensated, isochronous control type governor widely used for controlling speed for all types of diesel or gas engines and steam turbines, driving pumps, and compressors.It’s work capacity ranges from 12-58 ft-lb (16-79 J).

EGB Family of Governors

The mechanical governor backup capability of Woodward’s EGB governor/actuators provides increased reliability and safety during the operation of dual-fuel and diesel engines or gas and steam turbines.During normal operation, the electronic control and actuator section of the EGB regulates fuel to the prime mover. Upon loss of electronic control signal, the standard EGB is adjusted […]

EGB P1 & P2 Governors

The EGB-1P and EGB-2P, like all EGB products, are proportional electro-hydraulic actuators with a mechanical backup governor. As such, they are particularly well-suited to engines operating in tandem to drive a common load. When paired with Woodward’s 2301 electronic control, a complete governing system is achievable.Work capacity: 1 and 2 ft-lb (1.4 and 2.7 J)

VariStroke-1 Elctro-hydrolic Actuator

This proposal concerns the whole replacement of the current pilot valve assembly, cylinder, actuator and feedback linkage with one Woodward simplified system VariStroke-I.The VariStroke-I is a linear electro-hydraulic actuator that is designed to provide the linear actuation force to operate steam turbine control valves or valve racks. It utilizes a double-acting power cylinder with integrated […]

TG 611 Governor

TG611 Governors are API-611 compliant, self-contained, mechanical-hydraulic, speed-droop governors for use on small steam turbine driving pumps, compressors, or generators, where isochronous (constant speed) operation is not required. These governors are directly coupled to the steam-turbine’s rotor or auxiliary shaft to sense and control turbine speed.These governors are designed for API-611-based turbine applications, and include […]

TG Governor

Woodward’s TG Governors are self-contained, mechanical-hydraulic, speed droop governors for small steam turbines where isochronous (constant speed) operation is not required.TG Governors are simplicitic and low cost, and they operate with speed droop for control stability. The output (terminal) shaft extends out both sides of the case, and the governor drive rotation can be in […]


Similar to the PGG governor with remote speed setting capabilities, the PGA-EG features mechanical ballhead backup for marine propulsion or other critical applications.


The PGA is a pressure-compensated, hydraulic governor that uses an air signal to establish the engine speed setting of the governor.The PGA features:·Isochronous or droop control·Available work capacities from 16 to 678 J(12 to 500 ft-lb) output capacities·Rotary or linear output


The PGG is a mechanical-hydraulic, pressure-compensated governor that can set speed or power output from a remote location. It combines a permanent-magnet, speed-setting motor for accurate remote speed adjustment with speed-droop adjustment and load-limit control features. Manual speed setting at the governor is also provided. Pressure-actuated or electric-solenoid shutdown is available, in addition to other […]


Providing 648 J (478 lb-ft) maximum work capacity, the PG-500 governor is designed to control engine speed and provide auxiliary functions for very large engines or steam turbines.Available optional features include:·Governor heat exchanger·Booster servomotors·Vibration-resistant accumulators·Safety shutdown and alarms